Voltron Defender of the Universe

Remix of the Spaceman into one of my favorite childhood toys. This design was very tedious, but pretty easy because the shapes were pretty geometric and not as organic as the designs.

Draft print of the pieces. A few fails here

I got a bit lazy and didn’t make a few pieces combine into a single part. So when I tried printing it, the pieces broke as I was removing the support material. It’s ok, I need to physically handle it to get a feel for how to make changes.

Sectional analysis of the pieces together.

The head / torso / wings / neck / helmet were pretty crucial in getting to fit properly. A sectional analysis is amazing for getting an idea of how much tolerance you need to add to each piece in order for things to fit properly, or to know how thick/thin something might be in a specific spot.

Take a look at the helmet where it meets the top circumference of the head. The material is so thin there and initially it was poking through the helmet. Luckily the sectional showed me this and I added a few mm here and there to account for that.

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